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NPR: A study from the American Academy of Family Physician’s Robert Graham Centersheds some light on this topic. The findings, published in the latest issue of Annals of Family Medicine, suggest that family doctors who provide more care themselves save the health system money.

Family Doctors Who Do More, Save More By Anders Kelto, NPR MAY 11, 2015 – Is a good family doctor one who treats your knee pain and manages your recovery from heart surgery? Or is it one who refers you to an orthopedist and a cardiologist? Those are […]

We’re approaching the end of the generalist PCP model … ‘We see four emerging PCP identities …’ ~A.B.G.

By The Advisory Board Company FALL 2014 – One critical outcome of designing the clinical workforce for three distinct clinical products is the end of the traditional primary care practice model. The industry is moving toward a more customized, consumer-centric version of primary care access, and the standard one-size-fits-all […]

Washington State Driving Primary Care Transformation; Leading Experts Cite Washington as “Hotspot” of Reform

Seattle, Washington, March 19, 2015 – Family Medicine for America’s Health, a partnership of eight leading family medicine organizations in the United States, today brought together physicians from both private practice and academia who are revolutionizing health care delivery in Washington State. Moderated by author, documentary filmmaker and […]