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POP. HEALTH STUDY: “Concierge Medicine Takes 3 Years to Show Return on Investment … By year 3, Members who were more likely to achieve savings had no distinguishing age or chronic condition characteristics, an indication that savings were generated from prevention rather than chronic condition management.”

Concierge medicine programs may take up to three years to show ROI, a common break-even point for population health management strategies. By Jennifer Bresnick on February 25, 2016 There is ample industry evidence to show that a comprehensive population health management program can significantly lower healthcare costs, improve […]

2015, Concierge Physician Salary Report

New data summarizing concierge medicine and direct-pay physician salaries in the U.S. — New 2012-2015 Data on Concierge Physician Salaries Annual Report Released by Trade Journal, Concierge Medicine Today — Atlanta, GA | SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 – Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the industry’s oldest national trade publication for […]