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TECHNOLOGY: Deconstructing the Hint Health trial journey: VentureBeat.com Case Study, How the right SaaS onboarding creates committed users.

With these automated nudges, Hint Health is able to vastly reduce reliance on customer success managers — so the company can plow the tremendous cost savings back into building their business, and make customers happier in the process. It’s a win-win the rest of us shouldn’t ignore. Marketers […]

Arissa Announces Release of Concierge Doctor & Triage Nurse Service w/ Workers’ Compensation Telemedicine Services

The Concierge Doctor & Triage Nurse Service is being offered in partnership with Kura MD. It provides employers access to Kura’s telemedicine platform which helps avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment that raise costs for workers’ compensation claims. October 16, 2015 – WorkCompWire | Press Release Irvine, CA […]