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best web sites in concierge medicine

By CMT Staff Writer

If you're medical practice is listed below, Click Here To Download Your Badge for Display On Your Site and Social Media Pages.

If you’re medical practice is listed below, Click Here To Download Your Badge for Display On Your Site and Social Media Pages.

MAY 1, 2014 — Concierge Medicine Today is pleased to announce the “Top 20 Web Sites in Concierge Medicine in 2014.” Criteria plus input and votes from our readers found these medical practice and physician web sites we’re leading the way in the areas of:

  • Digital Engagement
  • Patient Education
  • Ease of Use/User Friendliness
  • Interaction
  • Design
  • Form Submission Use
  • Lead Capture
  • Use of Color and Graphics
  • Social Media Interaction & Functionality
  • And More.

We asked our readers, patients who use and don’t yet use concierge medicine services, physicians in the industry and innovative business leaders in this marketplace to tell us who they think are the Top 20 Most Engaging, Educational, Interactive and Well-Designed Web Sites In Concierge Medicine and Membership Medicine.

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Concierge Medicine Today’s Top 20 Web Sites Include (Not Ranked In Order):

The web sites seen in this poll (below) engage patients, educate and celebrate physicians and a medical brand through creative, patient-driven design. Illustrating that at the core of each private-pay medical practice a commitment to connect and remain connected with the patient.

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ONLY $11.95 --- On Sale Now, This Book Has Plenty of Fresh Ideas For the Private Practice Physician Looking For Proven Methods and Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions to Grow a Private Practice. ONLY $11.95 (Reg. $17.95)From small medical offices to larger clinics with unique value propositions, the list of the “Top 20 Web Sites in Concierge Medicine” are reshaping the healthcare delivery model is increasingly present in these offices. From med-spas to primary care, osteopathic medicine to pediatrics — these brands have created an engaging web site experience, culture and personality. And when it comes to design, these are the web sites to watch and quite possibly, the brands of the future.

Identity, reach, and engagement is a medical practice web sites most defining expression of success. At its heart it influences visitors, conveys trust and a commitment to a mission to deliver extraordinary service when you visit your doctors office. It’s an extension of your brand’s behavior and heart: who you are, what you stand for, what motivates you. The best web sites in concierge medicine, direct-pay healthcare and membership medicine give each company a unique place in the world.

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Now, tell us who your favorite is —



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