Lessons from Qliance closing its doors “… That said, looking at DPC as a whole – if it’s a medically-based, doc-led and non-coordinated, non-integrated model – is going to be problematic for financing, delivery and cultural reasons.” | State of Reform

Lessons from Qliance closing its doors | stateofreform.com By DJ Wilson | May 23, 2017 The news that Qliance is closing its doors gives us an opportunity to reflect on the lessons […]

MEDPAGE on TELEHEALTH, Study [MASS.]: ” The control group of 22 participants saw a drop in systolic pressure (mm Hg) of 16 points, whereas the 20 patients given the intervention witnessed a 26 point reduction in systolic blood pressure …”

This study was also commercialized and formed a company, Twine Health in Cambridge, Mass. The mHealth product is accessible through health plans, and employer health systems as well as direct primary care […]

Health System Pharmacy | “Technology is creating a system to identify patients in need of medication help at discharge.”

New technology could help pharmacists identify patients at high risk for nonadherence before they leave the hospital.  https://conciergemedicinetoday.org/2013/01/14/rx-compliance-improves-among-concierge-medicine-patients/ May 16, 2017 By Jill Sederstrom RELATED STORY Rx Compliance Improves Among Concierge Medicine […]

W. Buffett Weighs In On Concierge Medicine, Healthcare, More … | CNBC — Under his plan, which Buffett agrees with, the United States would enact a sort of universal type of coverage for all citizens — perhaps along the lines of the Medicaid system — with an opt-out provision that would allow the wealthy to still get Concierge Medicine.

Summary Notes From the After-Party CNBC Interview – Part 2 Buffett is a Democrat, but his business partner, Charles T. Munger, is a Republican — and a rare one who has advocated […]