Direct patient provider primary care practices (PDF, 273KB) – Legislative report – December 2016 — “The average monthly fee increased from $134 in fiscal year 2015 to $154.65 in fiscal year 2016. There were 11,504 enrollees in fiscal year 2015 and 11,272 enrollees in fiscal year 2016. As a result, the overall direct practice patient participation decreased in 2016 by 232 enrollees, or 2 percent.”

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By/Source: Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner | | Direct practices in Washington state Annual report to the Legislature The Legislature did not give the OIC rulemaking authority over direct practices. However, the […]

NATIONAL NEWS: & Concierge Medicine Today Announce Partnership to Help Physicians Bring Whole Genome Sequencing & Genetic Data to Life via Innovative Apps & Tools

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Michael Tetreault, Editor | Tel. (770) 455-1650 ext 151 | New Partnership Provides First-of-its-Kind Solutions for Transforming Genetic Data into Meaningful Information with Concierge Physicians & […]

EDITOR: “You have to define what “exceptional” means … You want patients to come back in the following days for another round of offending. Present the truth of medicine in uncompromising terms, rally hard against couch potatoes, and tackle the most emotionally charged topics in their lives, while providing an “environment” where people feel cared for.”


“Gain some customer service experience– try a service industry job as these skills are not taught in med school. Moving into Concierge Medicine is not solely about providing excellent medical care without […]

Nationwide Medical Malpractice Comparison from 2004 to 2014 shows Concierge Medicine Doctors have far fewer medical malpractice claim payments than managed care MDs and DOs.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Media Contact: (770) 455-1650 | ATLANTA, GA | JANUARY 7, 2015 – The Concierge Medicine Research Collective [The Collective –], is an independent health care research […]