How Your Pharmacist Can Make You Healthier | CR

Take these four steps to reap the benefits By Hallie Levine | CONSUMER REPORTS | November 05, 2018 Pharmacists can do a lot more these days than dispense drugs. “Pharmacists have an extensive amount of training, including a doctorate in pharmacy, yet they’re underused,” says Michael Hochman, M.D., […]

strategy + business | “We see three classes of potential plays for a consortium of companies that band together, ranging from the least disruptive (and quickest to implement) to the most disruptive (with the longest time to implement).”

Alexa, What’s Going on with Healthcare? BY Capable Dealmaker | By Jay Godla, Igor Belokrinitsky, and Sundar Subramanian As large companies join forces to tackle healthcare, they will accelerate innovation and disruption in the broader industry. As we noted at the outset, a great deal is still unknown […]

Health Navigator Expands Reach of Triage Engine and Clinical Content with New Telemedicine and Digital Health Client Partnerships

Health Navigator platform improves the healthcare experience, from chief complaint to final diagnosis, for telemedicine encounters and health bot interactions LA GRANGE, Ill. (PRWEB)November 07, 2018 Health Navigator announced today that it has expanded its base of client partners with several new collaborations in the telemedicine and digital […]

FORBES | In the end though, the most successful concierge practices will still keep their emphasis on the personal and “high-touch” will come ahead of “high-tech”.

The Secret To Success Of Concierge Medical Care, High-Touch. By Russ Alan Prince, FORBES, Contributor Concierge medical practices are becoming more normative across a broad spectrum of patients. As the current traditional healthcare system is considered “broken,” other alternatives are being pursued. This is particularly true when it […]