Health System Pharmacy | “Technology is creating a system to identify patients in need of medication help at discharge.”

New technology could help pharmacists identify patients at high risk for nonadherence before they leave the hospital. May 16, 2017 By Jill Sederstrom RELATED STORY Rx Compliance Improves Among Concierge Medicine […]

W. Buffett Weighs In On Concierge Medicine, Healthcare, More … | CNBC — Under his plan, which Buffett agrees with, the United States would enact a sort of universal type of coverage for all citizens — perhaps along the lines of the Medicaid system — with an opt-out provision that would allow the wealthy to still get Concierge Medicine.

Summary Notes From the After-Party CNBC Interview – Part 2 Buffett is a Democrat, but his business partner, Charles T. Munger, is a Republican — and a rare one who has advocated […]