Podcast: “By meeting patients where they are, with a familiar text messaging experience, CirrusMD and PeakMed will be able to treat patients virtually and guide them to the most appropriate point-of-care for their situation, saving both time and money.”

The partnership between the two Colorado companies will provide a confidential and direct line of communication, increasing access to care and decreasing health care costs. DENVER — Press Release — PeakMed, a […]

Inherent Advocacy vs. Activism Struggle Abounds Among Young Medical Doctors. Patients view it as complaining and say ‘I don’t like your negative rants online. Just do your job and stop being so grumpy.’ Could the answer be found in their education?

“While sad, it’s true. Today, most young Doctors will quietly hold their nose and accept their [employed] fate [after residency],” says a northeastern United States Physician who wishes to remain anonymous whom […]