(Part 2, Podcast) EP 266 | How the Integration of Precision Medicine *Tech* Impacts Patients and Physicians

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By Michael Tetreault, Editor, Concierge Medicine Today/Host, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

Today we sit down for a 2-part interview with a good friend and a gifted educator, Dr. Jeanette McCarthy.

In this series we discuss some of the trends and factors impacting the genetic testing landscape, what does the genetic testing landscape currently look like and what’s happening with the FDA and its regulation of genetic tests?

In part two, we discuss what are some of the trends we’re seeing in terms of what genetic testing companies are offering and to whom and how will the integration of precision medicine testing and technology impact patients and Physicians in the future.

I’m so excited she’s our guest today. Listen and lean in to our conversation now …

Meet Dr. McCarthy and Precision Medicine Advisors

Jeanette McCarthy, MPH, PhD is a UC Berkeley trained genetic epidemiologist and spent the early part of her career in industry at Millennium Pharmaceuticals before transitioning to academia. She currently holds adjunct faculty positions at UCSF and Duke University. Her previous research had focused on the genetic underpinnings of complex diseases, both infectious and chronic. More recently, she has become a leading educator in the field of genomic and precision medicine. Jeanette helped launch the first consumer-facing magazine in this field, Genome, and served as Editor-in-Chief from 2014-2016. She developed the first MOOC on precision medicine, offered through Coursera, and teaches at UCSF and UC Berkeley Extension as well. Jeanette is coauthor of the book, Precision Medicine: A Guide to Genomics in Clinical Practice (from McGraw Hill Education).

Connect with Jeanette on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanette-mccarthy-25160852?trk=hp-identity-name)

Connect with Jeanette here; https://www.precisionmedicineadvisors.com

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