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AAPP Board of Directors Votes to Suspend Operations and to evaluate AAPP’s value proposition for 2018 and beyond.

“Future growth of private direct medicine may not look like the past,” concludes Eischen. “As a more diverse array of stakeholders need to come together to balance how to better integrate private health and wellness services with the traditional diagnosis and treatment services of plan-reimbursed healthcare.” By Michael […]

EVENT, Apr 6-7: “Hack the Genome” — Hosted by Microsoft and

Hack the Genome A Hackathon for Personalized Health & Wellness Apps RELATED STORY New Partnership Between Concierge Medicine Today and Provides First-Of-Its-Kind Solutions For Transforming Genetic Data Into Meaningful Information With Concierge Physicians & Puts Concierge Medicine At The Forefront Of The Personal Genomics Revolution. On April […]