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MARCH 23, 2020

During the global pandemic, and particularly upon noticing the lack of community coronavirus testing in the UK, we began getting countless enquiries requesting coronavirus tests and in-person appointments.

Private COVID-19 Test & Consultation For Patients:
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For Corporate COVID-19 Packages:
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It is evident to HealthClic that most patients who contact us with cold/flu type symptoms are not self-isolating, they are going out as normal as they don’t think they have ‘coronavirus’.

Due to this, we made the quick decision, as we have a duty of care to our doctors, about 12 days ago to only offer telephone consultations to patients experiencing any cold/flu type symptoms regardless of travel history.

Each HealthClic Member also received a personalised letter from their HealthClic Doctor, detailing their personal coronavirus risk, how they can mitigate this risk, and steps to take if they experience any cold or flu symptoms (regardless of current location in the world).

Private COVID-19 testing is now available for all members of HealthClic, and corporate clients.

Our members and clients will receive priority, but non-members can still call us to arrange a COVID-19 test. It is a throat swab kit, with results coming in 1-3 days. The private coronavirus test can be issued to new patients and non-members of HealthClic, following an appropriate telephone consultation with a HealthClic Doctor who will provide symptomatic advice, treatment, send any medication, and arrange private COVID-19 testing for the patient.

“These coronavirus tests can be arranged for patients throughout the UK, however to courier them out on the same day it can only be to London patients,” says Priyanka Chaturvedi, CEO | HealthClic. “It is so important to test test test; and until we can show patients they have coronavirus, they are not self-isolating. Even last night (19/03/2020) countless citizens were out in restaurants, bars and pubs.”

COVID-19 test kits will be sent to patient homes and come with instructions and a throat swab kit. Most patients are finding it easy to use; and we encourage proceeding with coronavirus testing if you can, in case symptoms deteriorate after 1-2 weeks. At least that way, you will be a confirmed case and at least, if hospital treatment if necessary, doctors will know how long you have been a confirmed coronavirus case.

Private COVID-19 Test & Consultation For Patients:
+44(0) 203 370 4034

For Corporate COVID-19 Packages:
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Call HealthClic To Book Private Coronavirus Testing Now: +44(0)203 370 4034

Tips to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus:

Top Tips:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and more often, for 20 seconds each time. Avoid touching your face unless hands are washed
  2. Remember face masks provide limited protection and are intended to stop individuals spreading the virus to others; rather than protect healthy people. They may not help at all.
  3. Do not go to the office, try to work from home only
  4. Virtual meetings are acceptable, avoid any in-person meetings
  5. Do not shake hands, do the Indian style “Namaste” instead; if your city still allows face to face meetings
  6. Keep 2-3m distance between yourself and others if you do need to go out
  7. Wash your clothes at 60 degrees celsius regularly to kill off the virus
  8. Within households, do not share towels. Instead, dry your hands with Kitchen roll paper towels or tissues, then bin it straight away
  9. If you must go outdoors and use gloves, use disposable gloves which can be removed inside out, so your hands do not touch the dirty outer layer, and once thrown wash your hands thoroughly immediately
  10. If you or anyone in your household/family experience any symptoms, stay at home and contact us for advice
  1. Children pick up viruses easily. Home schooling and tutoring
  2. Ensure household staff or anyone who enters the home has not visited any of the at-risk countries listed on CDC’s website in the last 30 days, and that they and their family/household have been symptom free for at least 14 days. (PHE has removed the list from their site as UK is now a very high-risk country)

If you experience any cold/flu symptoms such as cough, cold, sneezing, shortness of breath, fever, sore throat, sneezing or blocked nose, stay at home, self-isolate and call HealthClic on +44(0)2033704034 for telephone consultations with a HealthClic private doctor and private coronavirus testing

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