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NEWS, NATIONAL | Stats | Top States In Concierge Medicine In 2018-’19 For New Patient Sign-Ups

Last Updated: December2018/January 2019 Edition | © 2019 Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. Concierge Medicine Industry Statistics In 2018-2019 Concierge Medicine Doctors and Membership Medicine programs have become more popular in the past five to ten years, particularly in middle-class and upper middle-class suburban and metropolitan marketplaces. These subscription-based, […]

“Convenience is a Commodity.”

By Concierge Medicine Today Summer 2019 – Each day, we receive countless requests from Patients online searching specifically for a Concierge Medicine Doctor. Some of the comments they left included: “The Staff Is Difficult To Work With” “I Feel Like A Number” “He/She Spends Less Than 15-Min. w/ […]