FORBES | In the end though, the most successful concierge practices will still keep their emphasis on the personal and “high-touch” will come ahead of “high-tech”.

The Secret To Success Of Concierge Medical Care, High-Touch. By Russ Alan Prince, FORBES, Contributor Concierge medical practices are becoming more normative across a broad spectrum of patients. As the current traditional healthcare system is considered “broken,” other alternatives are being pursued. This is particularly true when it […]

“They want to be prescribed nutrition as readily or if not more readily as medication. They want someone to investigate and figure out their chronic issue and help resolve it,” Berzin said.

A doctor’s office that charges $150 a month and doesn’t take insurance just raised millions to make it the future of medicine By Lydia Ramsey | Business Insider | April 2018 Entering Parsley Health’s offices in New York’s Union Square area, you might not feel as if you’re […]