New, EP. 218 | A Concierge Doc (Utah) says, “I always have time for my patients … in fact we can spend hours if they need it.”

“Nobody’s Doctor but Yours” Meet Park City Concierge Doctor Michael Kagen, MD By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, The DocPreneur Podcast Today we catch up with Park City Concierge Medicine Physician, Dr. Michael Kagen of Kagen, MD ( Here’s Part 1 and 2 of our exclusive interview together! “If they […]

EMR + Types for Concierge DOCS | Name of Current EMR Software

Circa 2016-2017 … “Subscription-based, membership medicine clinics [including both Concierge Care; MicroClinics and Direct Primary Care], their staff and physicians have some of the same yet, very different technology needs from their EHR/EMR vendors as they did prior to modifying their business models,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of […]